Augmented and Virtual Reality

We Love To Produce Breathtaking AR And VR Solutions
App Innovative has been at the forefront of exploring new technologies for years. We have experimented with Virtual and Real experiences crossed over, delivering exceptional experiences to our customers. As this industry evolves further, we’re keen to explore MR (Mixed Reality), XR (Extended Reality), CR (Cinematic Reality) and AV (Augmented Virtuality) amid other emerging forms.

We enjoy the thrill of trying and testing virtual environments with newer and innovative introductions and concepts. Whether it’s a VR aircraft cockpit experience or an AR surgical environment, we build solutions that are:
  • Lifelike
  • Creative
  • Innovative
  • Purposeful
  • Educational
Solutions Build With Powerful Technologies
App Innovative uses best-in-class technologies for building AR and VR experiences. We explore every tool that comes into the market, experimenting and assessing how our customers may benefit through each one.

We only choose what’s most powerful and flexible, especially those tools that give us an edge with a few handy means of making your experience visibly better. Some of the tools we use include:
  • Vuforia
  • Layar
  • ARToolKit
  • NyARToolKit
  • LinceoVR
  • HandyVR
  • AR Media
  • Sketchup
  • Wikitude
  • Google plugins
A Team That Breathes Life Into Your Ideas
App Innovative envisions itself as an innovative leader in the Information Technology arena. With AR and VR in their ascendancy, we strive to harness this technology to the maximum. Delving in has allowed us to unearth a myriad ways to produce innovative solutions. This has helped us deliver improvised solutions through sub-categories such as MR, XR, CR and AV. Fuelling our success on this path includes our core attributes:
  • Passion
  • Curiosity
  • Experience
  • Perfectionism
  • Meticulous Approach
Our exceptional resources at App Innovative are keen to build AR and VR solutions that fit your business needs. Each time we set our hands to work on any concept, we always choose the most amazing way to do it. Contact App Innovative now to get your AR and VR solutions built through our process that ensures your idea being shaped to match your market needs.

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