Big Data

Smarter Business Intelligence With Accurate Big Data Analytics
App Innovative takes a leading role in leveraging industry data to your advantage. Speed and efficiency are two core attributes associated with big data today that allow us to deliver the results you need for driving your brand. Our process delivers real-time data analytics that can help your organization become agile, and thereby, make quick decisions.

App Innovative operates on the principle of analyzing every bit of data available on its own and also based on the entire industrial context, pertinent to your niche. This helps you to obtain a more accurate perspective of your brand’s positioning as well as the manner in which it is progressing, thereby, supporting more effective Business Intelligence.

We deliver big data analytics in the following categories:
  • Prescriptive Analytics (What you need to do)
  • Descriptive Analytics (What is happening)
  • Diagnostic Analytics (Why is it happening)
  • Predictive Analytics (What is likely to happen)
  • Outcome Analytics (What are the expected results)
App Innovative implements advanced analytic techniques to large, diverse sets of structured or unstructured data that can number in terabytes and zettabytes. We’re geared to capture, manage, and process large amounts of data that traditional relational databases can’t handle. Based on the results, which are delivered as reader-friendly graphical presentations, you can easily apply the data according to your needs.
Types Of Data We Analyze And Who We Cater To
Our data experts analyze data in high volume, velocity, and variety, which are largely collected through devices with sensors installed, networks, transactional applications, web apps, audio/video, log files, and social media networks. Our big data experts help analysts, researchers, and businesses in the analytical process through:
  • Statistics
  • Demographic factors
  • Text analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Predictive analytics
  • Natural language processing
Put Your Trust And Your Need In The Hands Of Our Big Data Experts
At App Innovative, our data analytics team is packed is equipped with the most skilled operators you will ever come across. Our technical minds and hands are proficient with the latest means of handling data for enhancing customer experience. Essentially being a customer experience agency, we always think of the customer experience first. This simply means that we think of your customers, and then work our way backward in order to devise the best means of serving them. The same thing applies to how we manage our big data analytics processes.

Our big data experts at App Innovative apply the latest techniques and always search for newer and more innovative ways for better processing. No matter which approach we take, we always strive to be:
  • Practical
  • Innovative
  • Meticulous
  • Imaginative
  • Determined
  • Results oriented
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