TV App Development

Expand Your Brand Outreach With Tv Apps
With our innovative and unique approach, we love to build real solutions out of ideas. With an App TV, your users can enjoy access to a lot more than the usual conventional television experience. Innovative approaches from our TV app developers help you deliver a user experience based on what your brand stands for. We build your TV app based on your brand values.

We build TV apps for the Apple and Android operating systems that allow you to expand your brand’s presence. App Innovative is among a handful of app development companies that are aggressively building TV apps for brands. With our vast knowledge of these platforms and exceptional resources, we’re keen to build TV app solutions that make you stand out.

Deliver Original Content And Go LIVE With TV Apps!
While app TV technology is in its ascendancy, our experts are positioned to take full advantage of powerful development platforms. Let App Innovative build your TV app so that:
  • You have access to a wider audience.
  • You broadcast all the content you want.
  • Your content can be transmitted LIVE over the Internet.
  • Users can access your TV app on their smartphones and tablets too.
  • Users can interact with your TV app, depending on the features you create in it.
A TV App Is An Ultra-Powerful Touchpoint For Your Brand
Our TV App developer approach offers a whole new angle to the world of branding. Your TV App can be an entire TV station of your own, for your very own brand, and your mobile app content can be held in a cloud. Also, you can have all your essential tools contained in one room where you transmit everything to your cloud. Moreover, you can transmit LIVE content through your TV App.

To build your TV app solutions, App Innovative has:
  • Specialized TvOS Developers
  • All coding done In-House
  • A Custom Agile Process
  • An App Store Deployment
  • Maintenance & Support
Need an app solution for Apple TV, Sharp, Samsung, or any other Android smart TVs?

App Innovative delivers precisely what you need because we possess the technical knowledge and hands-on experience in this massively powerful area of app development.

When you decide to build a smart TV app, we help you fulfill your customer’s expanding content consumption needs.

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