Quality Assurance

We Implement Standardized And Robust Testing Tools And Procedures
App Innovative believes in ensuring quality in every type of service or product we deliver. We only make deliveries that are robust and fulfil our customer’s needs. We guarantee through our firm adherence to conducting quality checks. We run several cycles of quality assurance checks that consist of a multitude of testing procedures. These help us identify and fix issues, and also aids us in optimizing performance.

App Innovative always adheres to industry standards, and this is true for our quality assurance processes we have in place. We have adopted standard testing procedures that are used by other leading organizations in our industry. Below are the main testing components we implement:
  • Unit Testing : To test units or portions of code as part of an overall operation
  • Load Testing : To check how robust a code is under normal and peak load conditions
  • Regression Testing : Executed to check modified code for smooth operation
  • Usability Testing : Helps us test software as the intended end users will
  • Stress Testing : To test software effectiveness under unsuitable conditions
Automated And Manual Testing Ensures Top Quality
Leverage automated testing in tandem with the human factor. This saves time and allows you to quickly pick up on major issues. However, we prefer to cover this with manual review as well, which certainly reassures us with having every bit of code checked.

Additionally, the UI/UX factors are also looked after through automated as well as manual testing. By leveraging heat maps, we determine which parts of your design serve your purpose best. We then work accordingly to improve the visual experience of the product we build for you.

A hybrid of automated and manual testing allows you to:
  • SAVE TIME : Rapidly identify 95% glitches with our tools.
  • CONVENIENCE : Run large apps through rapid tests.
  • RAPID DETECTION : Pick out surface and flesh-deep flaws.
  • VERIFICATION OF FIXES : Achieved with manual review.
  • FURTHER VERIFICATION : Anitiate auto and manual test re-runs.
Let Us Help You With Our Experience And Knowledge
Above all, focusing on quality in delivery allows you to push yourself to new heights. App Innovative adheres to standardized practices, but we also remain meticulous in our approach to ensure quality. We take every stage of testing seriously, focusing on all the areas, big and small, that may need alteration or outright fixes.

We believe that the quality we deliver is a reflection of us at the individual level. And so, we believe in leveraging that personal stake, so that we always deliver top quality as a result of our:
  • Talent
  • Passion
  • Dedication
  • Perfectionism
  • Ambitiousness
Since App Innovative builds a variety of solutions, it is indeed quite a task to ensure quality. However, considering the Pareto Principle, this is our last 20% effort, and without it everything is thrown into high risk. This is why we obsess over ensuring top quality, and we have placed all the necessary mechanisms in place to ensure top quality delivery. Contact App Innovative today, as we always believe in delivering a smooth and scalable solution that fits your business needs to perfection.

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