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Tailor made is online reservation & booking software built specifically for transportation or limo companies to schedule, reserve, manage, and dispatch services to their clients. Our software is designed with a few simple goals in mind:

Easy to use interface. Select origin and destination with google maps API and calculate fare depending upon the distance.

Set custom pricing for all the trips based upon desired distance in km. When user selects the pick-up and drop-off point, the app calculates the distance automatically using google API and then multiply the it with the amount set by he admin in the backend to provide instant fare estimate to the customer.

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Internal stakeholders are pleased with AppInnovative's work, noting the excellent quality of the work delivered. Along the way, the team was responsive, professional, and attentive to the client's vision.

Liaquat Ali - Founder

Airport Taxi Limo Services

Thanks to AppInnovative's efforts, the client was able to observe an increase in their conversions. The team's process was smooth. The communication was carried through Whatsapp. They were able to provide timely delivery and cost-effecient services.

Alexander Oop

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